Time Keepers

Luxury Horological Aegis

In Greek mythology, an Aegis was a shield or breastplate borne by Zeus and his daughter Athena (and occasionally by Appolo). In our world, the definition of Aegis is protection.
Time Keepers

Created out of watch collectors’ selfish urge to own watch accessories that matched their exacting expectations.

Our Mission

Time Keepers have a simple goal; to create luxurious products, using the finest of materials and not following the herd when it comes to colour combinations.

The first product is a collection of handmade watch rolls of different designs, materials and colours; there are other products in the pipeline too, so keep your eyes peeled for what comes next.

Be Different

Why would you want to look or be like anybody else?  Then why would you buy products that are available everywhere?

Our products are handmade in extremely low numbers and once a certain colour configuration is sold out, they will never be made in that configuration again.

Make a statement; buy what you really want.

Every Watch is precious

Why Time Keepers?

Hand Made

Luxurious Packaging

Free International Delivery


What Our Clients Say

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“I just can't get over the quality of the ostrich leather - it is so luxurious and looks much more expensive than it was."
Mr M (Scotland)
"The watch roll is the best I've ever seen actually. The slideout for the watch cushion is SOOOOO much better than the ones that use the buttons."
Mr U (California)
“There are so many brands doing watch rolls now, that it's hard to decide where to buy from. I am glad to have found these; everything from the packaging to the luxurious quality is outstanding."
Mr S (Luxemburg)